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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

What Happened on Match Day 2018? / Residency Shortage

   March 16,2018 Tampa, Florida.  As described in prior blogs, a demonstration of peaceful activism took place in front of the USF Match Day celebration.  The goals were to bring the travesty of the medical residency shortage to the Nation’s attention and to gain media coverage for finding a solution to this grave injustice.  While several television stations sent camera crews to the celebration, no reporters were evident.  The camera crews did not film the demonstration, only the ceremonial events.  That was a disappointment.  However, our team of activists put forth a colorful, organized, and informative display, which was live-streamed on facebook and social media.  Hopefully, with all the “shares” on facebook many more citizens learned about the residency shortage that day.  The elimination of the residency deficit continues to be an uphill challenge.  It will only be solved when enough people become aware of it, enraged by the injustice of it, and connect the resulting doctor shortage to it.  I would encourage each of you to do your part in disseminating this important issue. 

   Our debriefing after the demonstration gave us the following things to consider for the future.  Contact the medical school in advance to ask them to join forces to address the residency shortage.  Be sure to have signs of “Congratulations” for the matched doctors.  This demonstration was not intended to detract from the great celebration that day, but to bring attention to the unlucky doctors who had not matched and were not there celebrating.  Continue to make contact with legislators, medical school deans, and persons of influence who can implement the necessary changes to eliminate the residency shortage.