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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Residency Application Process/National Residency Matching Program (NRMP)

Residency Application Process/National Residency Matching Program (NRMP)

Here is a breakdown of the process involved in applying for a Medical Residency:

  • Completion of an extensive online application with NRMP beginning in September
  • $75 Registration fee
  • $ 30  fee for each application
  • Average of 47 applications submitted by each medical student (to “ insure “ a match) 
  • Total spent by each applicant for NRMP application process:  $ 75 +  (47 X  $ 30)  =  $1485 
  • Total number of applications submitted nationally (2016):  47 X  (35,476) = 1,667,372
  • Receive interview requests and arrange travel  ( Air($500?) + Hotel/Food($200?) = $700? For each interview?)
  • Students and programs submit certified rank lists to NRMP in February
  • Notification of unmatched students and unfilled residency programs sent 4-5 days before “Match Day”, mid-March
  • SOAP ( Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program) for unmatched students/programs occurs
  • “Match Day “  in mid March, when residency match results are posted (2)
  • The process begins again next year (Note 3)
  • Some doctors have to quit!  Average debt $183,000 (Note 4)


  1. My experience shows that generally each residency has 1 administrative assistant who manages the application process.  Their duties include the usual correspondence associated with an educational program.  However, record keeping of program statistics is a significant component to a residency program.  Records of each residents’ test scores, program requirements, medical rotations, evaluations, numbers of each type of surgeries performed, and strict documentation of hours worked by each resident for program accreditation , are all part of the ongoing record-keeping for a solitary administrative assistant.
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  3. The cycle repeats using the same numeric screening benchmarks, essentially “skimming the cream” from all fully qualified applica  The “whey” pours over into next years’ applicants, compounding the numbers and the problem
$183,000 + 1,485+ travel =  Total Expense  + add’l application years = HUGE)