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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Our "Social Contract" / NRMP

Our “Social Contract”/ NRMP
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All US citizens who have satisfied the requirements for an MD degree, and passed all required exams (USMLE I AND II), have earned the right to train and practice Medicine in the US.  This is our “Social Contract”.  Think of medical school as one big “lesson plan”.  As teachers know, each lesson plan begins with the “Behavioral Objective” and ends with the “Criterion Task”.  If the goals and benchmarks outlined in the Criterion Task have been met, the Behavioral Objective has been met.  US medical schools and government legislatures have determined the criteria required to practice Medicine in the US.  All medical school graduates who apply for residency through the NRMP (National Resident Matching Program) have met these criteria, both US medical school grads, as well as international medical school grads.  They have all passed the CRITERION TASK!

 Why aren’t we “upset” if 25% of unmatched grads are from international medical schools, especially since 42% of them in 2016 were US citizens?  Currently, 25% of physicians practicing in the US are international medical school graduates.(1) Considering the expected 90,000+ doctor shortage over the next decade, that is quite a waste of fully educated doctors!

 The ECFMG (Educational Council for Foreign Medical Graduates) has been promoting excellence in international medical education for 60 years! (1) This organization has been evaluating the readiness of IMGs (International Medical Graduates) to enter GME (Graduate Medical Education) programs in the US.  It has partnered with NBME (National Board of Medical Examiners) to develop the clinical skills assessment for the USMLE (US Medical Licensing Examination).  To become an accredited medical school with the SAME STANDARDS as a US medical school, a foreign med school has passed rigorous standards and criteria.

 “The ECFMG makes its world-class experience with the primary-source verification of medical education credentials available to the international medical regulatory community.”(1)  It is recognized world wide.  This is the organization monitoring graduates of international medical schools  The IMGs applying through the NRMP have met the “Criterion Task” for entry into US residencies!