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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Snail Mail Worked! / Doctor Shortage

Snail Mail Worked! / Doctor Shortage

There was a great revelation that occurred during the frustrating process of trying to contact my legislators.  After no responses to my countless emails and phone calls, I realized that doctors who are members of the State medical association have MEDICAL PRACTICES!  I googled the names and addresses of members of both the State and National Legislative Councils for the Florida Medical Association.  My husband and I sent letters by US mail to each of these council members.  Within days my husband received phone calls from a number of these doctors.  They were very interested in the issue of “Residency Shortage”, and quite appalled by the current travesty.

 It turns out, most physicians and healthcare professionals, do not really know the enormity of this situation.  The ramifications for unmatched graduate doctors unable to complete their training are appalling.  The natural consequence of “discarding” thousands of graduated and fully qualified doctors at a time when there is an impending doctor shortage (up to 90,000 doctors over the next decade) is complete insanity!

 This is all going on ”under the radar”. These unmatched doctors are so mortified and despondent, they’re not broadcasting this dire situation to friends and family.  It is very humbling, because 20 years ago and before the Balanced Budget Act of 1997, all doctor graduates matched into a residency.  The impression is that somehow they have failed, when it is the system which has failed them.  They are not stupid, there is a SHORTAGE!

 Why hasn’t the AMA solved this crisis?