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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

"Breaking the Social Contract" / The Match

“Breaking the Social Contract”/ The Match

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I have heard some pretty sad stories from unmatched doctors.  One doctor wrote that he had applied 4 years in a row to the Match with no success.  He was planning to give up, but somehow my website caught his interest.

 Another med student was driving my son in an UBER car in Chicago, and was expressing fear of not matching.  My son warned him, “All I know is you better get a good score on your Step 2 Exam!”

 One unmatched doctor is working in an indigent care clinic in Jupiter, FL and desperate to complete his training with a residency.  Finally, another unmatched doctor is working as a research coordinator, even after completing an unpaid year in a research fellowship after medical school.

 Some doctors who are forced to start repayment of their school loans have no choice but to obtain some kind of work.  But for what else do they qualify?  (I guess they qualify to be an UBER driver)

 Just imagine the desperation these graduate doctors are experiencing, and the sense of betrayal in a system that has broken its “promise”.   Dr. Keith Frederick, a legislator from Missouri, has        coined the term “Social Contract” to describe what has happened in the US.  When a society establishes criteria to obtain a professional license, the candidate can assume that when the requirements are met, the license will be forthcoming.  Our “society” has prevented the completion of the criteria, and thus has broken the “Social Contract”. 

 Once a student has been accepted into medical school, the time for elimination/screening is over.

 The medical graduate should be allowed to complete all the necessary steps to licensure.  What if our country educated thousands of new teachers but failed to provide enough opportunities to complete the final requirement of student teaching?  It just would not make sense!

 What can be done to correct this dire situation?