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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summary So Far/ Residency Shortage

Summary So Far/Residency Shortage

Here is a summary of the “Story” so far:

  • The goal of this blog is to tell the compounding story of the Medical Residency Shortage-how it began and what has resulted
  • In 1997 the Balanced Budget  Act effectively cut the number of residency slots available by reducing the reimbursement allocated to hospitals involved with resident education for patient care
  • The fear of not matching into a residency and being considered “a loser”, has caused the average number of applicants/medical school graduate to increase to 47 applications each
  • The deluge of applications has triggered the use of “quantitative” screening for resident applicants to reduce the number of applications needing “detailed review”
  • Unmatched applicants are in “limbo”.  They can’t complete the last requirement of their training.  They cannot practice Medicine and they can’t demonstrate qualifications due to lack of malpractice coverage
  • Application process repeats yearly, compounding the problem, more time and more money wasted with each application cycle, and some doctors have to give up and quit Medicine
  • Some very sad stories of repeated failure to match.  The time for “weeding out” should have occurred before beginning medical school
  • The solution to this travesty is very complex:  Federal, state, and ACGME
  • We need to “preserve” unmatched doctors until they match


  1. There is a lot of conflicts of interest in the ACGME which includes members from AMA, Hospital Association, Board of Medical Specialties...etc.
    Imagine that GM, Ford Motor Company, and Chrysler say that you have to buy car from us in order to qualify for driver's license. That is what the hospitals are telling the medical graduates. You have to train in our hospitals in order to qualify for Medical License.
    To balance that, Congress should distribute the Graduate Medical Education Fund as vouchers to the Qualified Applicants for Residency and let the Hospitals or the Residency Programs compete for the money or the vouchers of the Qualified Applicants and not the other way around.

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